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Not exactly Carlisle but check it out: 

Twilight Proms is an unofficial UK Twilight event. There are two separate events, and these are:
Friday 18th - Saturday 19th of September 2009 at The Hilton Metropole Hotel, London
& Saturday 19th - Sunday 20th of September 2009 at The Hilton Metropole Hotel, Birmingham NEC

The guests for this event are: Kellan Lutz 'Emmett Cullen', Chaske Spencer 'Sam Uley' (Making his first ever UK appearance) and Jose Zuniga 'Mr. Molina'.

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For more information on these, check out the official website: TWILIGHT PROMS!
04 August 2009 @ 04:05 pm
How in the world, is this not the most active comm? Lol. Carlisle is so amazing. I just discovered this community and had to let y'all know, there is a fellow Carlisle lover out here in the LJ world. lol
01 January 2009 @ 12:15 pm
This board has been silent for two long, so I felt I should come forward and point out how much appreciation I had for Peter Facinelli as Carlisle.
10 August 2008 @ 01:29 am
Since most of us have finished Breaking Dawn I thought that we could take a moment to appreciate the amazingness that is Carlisle Cullen. Is it just me or did he get sexier in this book?

"He looked like Zeus's younger, better-looking brother."

Nope, he definitely got sexier.

Cut and Comments will contain SPOILERS. Consider yourselves warned.  

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24 July 2008 @ 10:30 am
Just a heads up. Someone kindly uploaded snaps of the Twilight calendar.

Carlisle is Mr. July.

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I don't think more really needs to be said.
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19 July 2008 @ 01:13 pm
Okay, it's been almost a month since the last post! Wow...

I really hope Carlisle gets an Breaking Dawn quote of the day! He deserves one. Well, I just hope there's more Carlisle in Breaking Dawn than there was in Eclipse. There's got to be some scenes with him and the Denali coven, right?

I don't have anything new to post, sadly... I'm planning out a longer Carlisle-centric story, but it's all in outline form right now. [I'm almost ready to start typing it!] For now, though, I have links! To other stories I've written, if you guys are interested. They're Carlisle/Esme one-shots.

Fall  [This has two chapters.  They were intended as one-shots, but worked well together.]

Only 13 more days until Breaking Dawn!  I'm so excited!
23 June 2008 @ 06:30 pm
1. Photobucket 2. Photobucket 3. Photobucket 4. Photobucket
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01 June 2008 @ 04:38 pm
Title: Untitled
Author: Me! (arc-du-ciel)
Characters/Pairing: Carlisle, with mention of Bella & Edward.
Rating: PG
Warning: None, really... spoilers for New Moon.
Summary: Carlisle explains his vote, in letter to Bella. [Of course, he didn't get a chance to send it...]
Disclaimer: I own nothing. *sadface*
A/N: I wrote this a couple days ago, while I avoiding studying. Hope you enjoy it!

26 May 2008 @ 06:05 pm

Alrighty...so, we had zero response for the last challenge, but we're going to go ahead and post this next one anyway.  If you'd still like to enter the last contest, you've got another two weeks.  But otherwise, on to this one.

This challenge: create a header for the community!  It must include the community name, and a picture of Carlisle of some sort, and it must be smaller than 800X800 pixels.  Other than that, do whatever you want (as long as it falls within community rules).

Please post your entry in the comments of this post (they will be screened).  Make sure you include the URL of the graphic, as well as the graphic itself.  Entries are due two weeks from today, on Monday, June 9th.

Also, please pimp for this community!  We don't have many members yet, and I'd like to see more.  I know there have to be more Carlisle lovers out there somewhere.

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16 May 2008 @ 05:44 pm
I see that some people have joined the community *dance* and I thought it'd be fun if we got to know each other a bit, so questionnaire time!

Name (Or what you would like to be called):
Age (if you're comfortable):
Fav movie:
Fav Twilight book:
Fav book (besides the Twilight books):
Fav music group or solo artist (of all time or at the moment):
#1 Reason for loving Carlisle:
Fav Carlisle moment:
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